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Momentum Research & Evaluation Limited provides evaluation, research, facilitation, training, writing, and proof-reading services

We were established by Community Psychologist, Ruth Hungerford, and have been providing evaluation, social research and training services since 1996.

Our clients include national, regional and local government, government-affiliated and non-government and community based organisations.

We enjoy what we do and believe that research is an important tool that is vital to inform the future of a project and an organisation.

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Our Current Projects

Evaluation of a Substance Misuse Prevention Programme for children

Evaluation of Road Safety Initiatives in the Waikato Region

Evaluation of Mothers with Babies in Prisons


Links to a Sample of our Reports

Waikato DHB Breastfeeding Service: Evaluation Report

ICM Project: Report

Kauri Centre: Evaluation Report

Strengthening Community Action on Alcohol Workshops: Evaluation Report

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