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Project: Evaluation of OSCAR Extended Services

Client: Ministry of Social Develoment (MSD)
Timeframe: November 2008 - April 2009 and November 2009 - April 2010
Key components: interviews, observation, thematic data analysis
Brief Description: This project involved working together with MSD research staff on an evaluation of the OSCAR Extended Services programme. This programme provided funding to a sample of OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) providers to extend their after school care programmes to improve child health and wellbeing. Our role was to assist the MSD staff with developing interview questions, visiting the sites and conducting interviews and observations, and analysing data, and providing feedback on the findings report. We were involved in phase one (2008/2009) and phase two (2009/2010).

Project: Feasibility Study on the Needs of Senior Boarders
Client: Waikato Diocesan School for Girls, Proprietor's Board
Timeframe: February to April 2010
Key components: surveys, interviews, literature review

This project involved undertaking research for a local boarding school. They required data about the needs of senior boarders in terms of boarding facilities, to determine the most appropriate layout for a new senior boarding house. This was a most interesting project as there is a range of different options for senior students from a 'flatting' type arangement to a more standard 'dormitory' arrangement with pluses and minuses to both. The research involved surveying and interviewing past and present senior boarders, their parents and boarding staff as well as reviewing literature on boarding house design.

Project: Evaluation of the Breastfeeding Outpatients' Service
Clients: The Waikato District Health Board, Healthy Eating-Healthy Action (HEHA), Ministry of Health
Timeframe: June 2008 to May 2009
Key components: survey of attitudes, knowledge and behaviour; literature review; social research
Brief Description: This was a full scale evaluation funded by HEHA and the Ministry of Health. Momentum was contracted to undertake the evaluation. Ruth Hungerford and Jodie Robertson were the principal researchers. The evaluation included a literature review, key informant interviews, patient record analysis, and a mail out survey on attitudes, behavior and knowledge about breastfeeding. The data collection period spanned six months. The mail out survey, designed by Ruth and Jodie, measured attitudes, behavior and knowledge and was administered to new mothers who had accessed the service. It had a 75% return rate and all questionnaires were completed in full. There were 96 patient records that were analysed for descriptive statistics and 48 face to face qualitative interviews with stakeholders and new mothers who had accessed the service. The literature review was completed to inform the evaluation and was written up as a chapter in the final report.

Project: Evaluation of the Integrated Catchment Management Pilot project
Client: Environment Waikato (regional council)
Timeframe:Sept 2006 - June 2010
Key components: formative evaluation; action research;
Brief Description:The purpose of this project was to provide some evaluative input into a new farm planning and nutrient management project that Environment Waikato were trialling, with farmers, in two defined geographical areas. Our brief was to get feedback from farmers about the way that Environment Waikato was working with them and to communicate this information back to the staff so they could improve the project as they went along. We used interviews, spreadhseet analysis and facilitated meetings with staff (which we nick named 'brain dumps') to get their perspectives and understanding of the project and how it was working. We wrote a number of technical reports throughout the process, and in 2009 wrote the final report of the project, including both the evaluative data as well as other scientific data that the project staff and others had been collecting.

Project: Literature review on early intervention services
Client: Ministry of Social Development
Timeframe:June 2006 - January 2007
Key components: literature review; social research
Brief Description:The purpose of this project was to provide a literature review on what works in early intervention for the Ministry of Social Development. The brief was to update the research information in three draft documents and as well, source and review further literature relevant to early intervention. The various articles were read and critiqued to ensure that the information therein was robust and, the result of valid, quality research. The final review comprised seven chapters plus an executive summary, and 208 separate references in the reference list. The report went through a draft process wherein it was reviewed by MSD staff and also externally reviewed by our own peer reviewer.

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