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We have tutored, taught, trained and guest lectured in a range of settings including University, Polytechnic, and community settings. The following are some of the roles we have had and work we have done.

Lecturer in Evaluation Research, Community Psychology, and The Treaty of Waitangi and Psychology, in the Department of Psychology University of Waikato
Teaching key sessions for the Certificate in Adult Teaching and Diploma in Adult Teaching and Learning at The Waikato Institute of Technology
Teaching Social Research, Research Skills, and Human Development papers at the Waikato Polytechnic
Teaching Interpersonal Skills and Treaty and the Media papers at The Waikato Polytechnic
Guest lecturer for Evaluation Research at University of Waikato
Guest lecturing for the University of Waikato Community Psychology Masters programme
Training needs analysis and programme development of a 36 module programme for Hamilton City Council
Designing and training three month Employment Skills Workshops for long-term ACC clients
Designing and facilitating a Planning and Project Management Workshop for the Land Transport Safety Authority
Guest lecturing at Albany Campus on 'the role of the evaluator'
Designing and teaching Training for Trainers Workshops

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