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Writing and Proof Reading

This is a list of the writing and proof reading projects we have completed. More detail about a selection of projects can be found here.

Report Writing for Warm Homes Clean Air Project for Environment Waikato (2009)
This project involved finishing a draft document The document reported on the findings of a needs assessment and stocktake of the insulating of substandard houses in the Waikato region. Our job was to edit the report and get it to a more finished stage. This work was thoroughly enjoyable as the people we were working for were great and the subject matter was really interesting.

Writing the Final Project Report for the Integrated Catchment Management Pilot project for Environment Waikato
Write up of Early Start to Qualifications Report for Ministry of Education
Finishing the Final Report on Hamilton Youth Gangs for the Hamilton City Council
Writing the Final Summary Report for the Phase One Evaluation of Effectiveness of Family Start for the Ministry of Social Development
Proof-reading and editing student essays, assignments and Masters thesis for a Clinical Psychology Masters Student
Proof-reading PhD theses for Psychology Doctoral students

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