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Our services can be tailored to suit your needs. You can choose to involve us in as much or as little of your project as you require.

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Evaluation Research
We do formative, process, impact and outcome evaluations. We evaluate many different types of programmes and services, and within a range of different settings. For example in the past year we have evaluated a breastfeeding service, a community committee, a road safety programme for 0-7 year olds, workshops for communities on alcohol related harm, and a farm planning service. We can also provide your organisation with evaluation advice, assist you to develop tools to self-evaluate and train staff in simple evaluative techniques.Read about evaluation projects we've completed.

Social Research
We offer a range of different research services. We undertake full research projects including social surveys, and literature reviews. We are also available to work on research teams undertaking research activities as required such as designing data collection tools, fieldwork, and data analysis, together with the staff analyst, and providing feedback on the final report. For example we undertook social research in relation to the Prostitution Law Reform bill, we have completed literature reviews, and we have worked on a number of MSD research teams for evaluations of various MSD funded programmes. Read about research projects we've completed.

Writing and Proof-Reading
We can write up your reports for you. Maybe you have done all the work on a project, started to write the project report and run out of time or staff. We can finish that report for you, including incorporating any feedback and drafting recommendations. We can utilise your organisation's writing style and ensure that it is compatible with your other documents. We can also proof-read and edit documents for you. Read about writing projects we've completed.

We can provide training and facilitation services in a range of different areas. We have expertise in evaluation, research and writing techniques and can help upskill staff in these areas. Read about the training we've done.

Food for Thought
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